Passport Ultra + Acronis Software Issues

I am using a WD PassPort Ultra Drive for backup. I recently noticed that the backups
were not occuring. I called WD to inquire and finally got thru to support after about 40
minutes on hold. Tech support informed me that the Smartware software that I was
using is no longer supported and told me I had to switch to Acronis True Image for
backup. He stayed on the phone while I installed the software and tried to initiate a
full backup. I received either Data Errors or Cycle Redundancy checks. He then
proceeded to tell me that I needed to format my passport drive. I did not have an
issue because the backups out there were not up to date anyway. After this, the
backup was running again. He assured me that this time it would work and
disconnected our call. Well it did not work. Same errors. Since I couldn’t go through
another 40 minutes on hold, I tried trouble shooting on my own. I created smaller
multiple backups of my data. Such as, Mail Folder, Data Folder, Setups Folder etc
These worked and actually are a much better idea because all files do not require the
same backup frequency.

I still have a few questions for the Community. Ever since I installed Acronis True
Image, my computer start up has taken much longer. Plus the desktop icons do not
load immediately like they use to. The desktop screen is blank with just the task bar
and then finally the icons load. This program is the only change made to my
computer. I did get a little speed back by changing the services to delayed start but it
still is not like it used to be.

Second issue is that the Virtual Drive Locker, locks my passport drive at every
shutdown. If I forget to open it, naturally my backups fail. I do not recall this happening
with the old smartware software.

Thirdly, Can the WD security / Drive Locker and other old Smartware programs be

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Don’t be concerned about
being too technical; I am an IT Professional.