Passport Ultra (2014 Model?) Won't Show in WD Discovery

Hello WD Community!

I have what I consider a unique problem. I have an older Passport Ultra (Model #: WDBZFP0010BRD-04) which has a 1TB hard drive in it.

I have this drive connected to a Linksys EA9500 Wireless Router (up to date) that supports USB attached storage. When I initially installed the new version of WD Discovery today, the application when through the “Hey, here’s how this app works” and it covered over the app while it pointed out the important parts of the app. However, since the tutorial was transparent, I could see my Passport Ultra as being detected in the background. Once I finished the tutorial, the Passport Ultra disappeared.

I’ve checked the router settings to ensure that FTP was enabled and I can get to the passport through Windows Explorer (\ I’ve rebooted my Windows 10 Home yet the device just doesn’t appear.

I sure could use any suggestions you might have to remedy this situation.

Thank you for your time!

WD Discovery can only detect external drive (USB) if the device is connect directly to the computer that has WD Discovery installed. WD Discovery can also be use for it own NAS devices.

So in your case, the device need to connect back to the PC not to the Linksys router. Hope that help.

Hey jebusx,

Thanks for your help! Well that’s a bummer. Still confused about the fact that I could see the device behind the transparent tutorial and then it disappeared. It was even labeled with the IP and the name of the router.

Guess I’ll have to move that to the laptop.

Thanks again!

Hi again jebusx,

So, I reinstall WD Discovery just to be sure I saw what I thought I saw. Here’s what I’m seeing:

As you can see under the big black arrow, my drive shows up even though it is attached to the router via USB. Once I close the tutorial, it disappears. Any suggestions there?


It is just a tutorial screen showing what you can do with Discovery app. Discovery app is not design to see your passport drive if it is connect to another computer or router. It needs to check the vendor ID of the device that connect to your local computer USB ports.

Thanks again jebusx…so you’re saying that the “My Passport” that is listed is just for educational purposes and doesn’t represent my personal Passport? I looked at my Passport to see how much space it was using and it was at 28% leaving 72% vs the 80% in the image, so it appears to be just a faux My Passport.

Well, was hoping for the best…appreciate it!