Passport types


I’m looking for an external hard drive that will allow me to cut and paste files (not backup) as well as having encryption and password. I was researching and found this thread

This made it seem that in order to cut and paste you had to remove the passport protection, which I want to keep.

Will a “My Passport Essentials” HDD allow me to do both?


Hi dude!!

A Passport Essential will allow you to have a password and copy/paste at the same time, however, you may need to install the software that comes with the drive (Smartware) in order to create the password, after you create it you can uninstall Smartware (To prevent it from doing backups).

On the other hand, once the password is created, you will need to manually unlock your drive when you need to use it each time it loses power (Due to turning off the computer, sleeping the computer or disconnecting the drive).

Hope it helps~~!!