Passport Studio Multiple Mac Boot Partitions

I’ve just got my new WD Passport Studio and went to back up my Mac with SuperDuper.  It seems I can only create one bootdisk, for one computer and cannot then use the drive for any other purpose.  This is a bit worrying - I bought the 2TB model to do exactly that.

I think the solution maybe to partition the drive into separate (say 4) logical drives.  However, I’m not sure that will work either at all, or where one or more of the logical drives become bootable.  My hope is that if I do this, then the separate logical drives would appear on the computer as drives in their own right.

When I look round the forum and other places, they seem to assume a level of understanding that I don’t have.

I would be very grateful if someone could explain.



You can format the drive into as many partitions as you like

bare in mind that drives with multiple partitions tend to get corrupted

sometimes one partition will fail but other times all partition will get corrupted

you can go to disk utility > partition > select the number partitions you want.