Passport SE questions on transferring data back and forth

Hey there,

 I just backed up all of my music, photos and files on my mac to my passport but how do I leave all of that info in my passport and clear my mac. My goal is to have my laptop free of all of these files so there is more room. I want to use the external hardware device when I want to listen to music or watch movies that are in it. 

  I am just kind of lost how to keep adding info to the hard drive after everything is on the hard drive. Say all of the info is on the hard drive and I delete what is on my laptop, then when I acquire more music and pics and try to put them in the hard drive again, will the data just go to the hard drive and be used as a storage device ? I am concerned with loosing all of my music and stuff because I did it once and it has taken 9 months to get it all back. Anyway, if you can help me it would greatly be appreciated…regards…Indigo

ABSOLUTELY NOT you need at least 2 copies to be safe. These forums are full of people who put everything on their external as the only copy and had a disaster. It doesn’t matter who makes the drive. If you want to make room on the Mac use a second external drive so you have a backup or better yet have a second drive installed in the Mac. Always make sure you have at at least 2 copies of everything important.