Passport SE MAC, drive spins/not recognized

My Passport SE 1tb had been working correctly.  Now it just cycles and spins but goes no further.  The disk does not show up when I open the window for the computer.  I have tried several different USB cables.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I tried uninstalling the software and downloading VCD and assorted items but nothing will recognize that drive.

It might be a power issue. They make a Power Booster cable. Call customer service.


Would a power booster be needed though if this Passport has been connected to the same computer but after a month has stopped being recognized?

Sometimes it happens that way. They use some barely adequate power supplies on a lot of computers today. Then there are all of the things that plug into USB now I Pod, I Phone, cell phones and all kinds of things like printers, keyboards, that used to use different ports.  Is it on the back of the computer? Make sure it isn’t plugged into a hub either.