Passport SE 1tb vibration

I just bought three Passport SE 1tb USB 3.0 hard drives.  All three seem to operate fine but two have a distinct vibration and one has none at all.  Even when copying large files the one is almost as still as a stone while even when idling the other two have a staedy vibration. 

Should I be worried about this?  Are there newer versions of the same drive that have eliminated vibration?  I’d rather have no vibration at all but maybe it is a bad sign that one has no vibration.  I’d love to hear if anyone else has noticed this or knows if one or the other is a problem.


I would be concerned and take them back where you bought them.


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So they shouldn’t really vibrate at all?  Thanks for your feedback.

None of mine vibrate there is just enough to tell they are on. Since one is smooth and the other 2 vibrate I’d be concerned about potentilal problem in future and  exchange them.