Passport reads when connected to LCD television but not on my Laptop (win XP/Win Vista/Win 7)

I need help.

A week ago my passport was no longer detected on my laptop.

When I connect it to win7 or vista its detected by the laptod ( I can see the small eject hardware icon pop up in the task bar) After nearly 10 mins of lighting uo & spinning the drive shows up in my computer. But when i click the drive it hangs both OS

In win XP it lights up & spins. After 10 mins it is detected by my computer. I can right click n check properties. But thats it. If i double click the drive all it does is spin some more and give me an error ‘drive write protected’ or ‘could not perform action because of I/O error’

It is viewable under disk manager . It says device working properly.

But if I connect the drive to my LCD television USB port, it reads all the data & I can view all my pics, listen to music & even watch the movies on the drive !!

How can I get it to work right on my laptop? Please help

Is it possible that you cant post the models number of the drive? It would be of great help. Also try changing data cables or not useing a hub or usb extension to connect that drive.

Your post just came up blank try useing another browser if your not using ie9

The model no is WD1600ME

I am using the data cable which was provided with the drive. I am NOT using a hub :frowning: