Passport not accessible from 'MyComputer'

I purchased a ‘My Passport’ for the auto backup feature to safeguard my home/office computer files. I connected it to my Dell Inspiron 3650, through the USB 3.0 port. The computer is running Windows 7 Professional (64) and is only a week old (so, not full of malware, viruses, etc)

The Passport is a 1tb model # WDBYNN0010BBK-0B.

The computer automatically downloaded drivers through Windows Update, and then the drive showed up in “Devices and Printers”… but is still not showing up in “My Computer” as a drive.

I contacted WD support and was told to simply "right click, then assign a drive letter to it in the Disk Management console. I wish it were so easy.

It does show up as Disk 2 in the lower half of the screen, but as you can see in those screen captures, there is no “assign drive letter” option.

In the upper half of the screen, it appears to show the three partitions of the drive as separate drives, each with no name or letter.

Here are some more screen captures that may provide more info:

One more…

RESOLVED: I took the drive back to the store for a full refund, and bought a Seagate.

The drive wasn’t showing at all. You may have just gotten a bad drive. It needed to be replaced.