Passport freezing/pasuing when watching movies with my Samsung HDTV

I have WD My Passport 1.5TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Whenever i plug my passport into my samsung HDTV to watch a movie it will play the movie then start freezing every once in awhile thru out the movie. Sometimes it stops the movie complelty. When i plug the passport into my samsung blu-ray player or laptop it doesn’t freeze at all and plays the movie without any problems. I thought maybe it was just the file but it does the samething with every movie so far. my old passport played movies with my samsung tv perfectly fine It was an older model tho. I just got the newest model the other day because my old one crashed. I have been having these freezing problems while watching movies with my tv with the new passport but no problems playing it with my blu-ray player or PC. does anyone know what might be the problem? thanks.

You can try checking the power specifications for the TV in questions. The USB might not be providing enough power thus causing the drive to have performance issues while playing the files.

The newer drive with the larger capacity requires more power than the older drive with lesser capacity,