Passport freezes mouse & keyboard when connected

When I connect my Passport to my Dell laptop w/XP the light comes on and stays on, it does not spin, and both the keyboard and mouse are no longer functional (which makes troubleshooting *REALLY* difficult).

When I connect it to my desktop pc w/Win 7 the light comes on and stays on, no matter what port I plug it into, and it does not spin, but the keyboard and mouse remain operable.

I have tried different cables, with no luck.

Recently, a different laptop got drenched by my vengeful significant other and then ut shorted out and died- the hd was connected at that time.  I can imagine the laptop shorting out being a problem for the hd, and I may have been editing a file that was on the drive when the laptop died.  I believe I have used the hd after the drenching/dying on a different desktop pc w/Win 7, but I don’t remember saving anything to the drive or even looking at it through My Computer so I may not have actually ‘used’ it.  

Any ideas on how to find out whether the hd is really dead or not??  What can I do to try and make it work?

Your time and expertise is appreciated.  Thank you.

If your drive is not spinning up at all, and does not make any sounds or noises - most likely the board is dead. If the drive is still under warranty, send it it. If you need to recover data on it, I can recommend contacting as they may actually have a replacement board for you + I believe they offer free firmware adaptation/ chip transfer that your HDD will require in order to work again

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