Passport fails to work through sony ps3?

i am not  very computer literate, so please be patient with me.  The HD  works fine with my laptop, but when I plug it into my PS3  usb port, it does not register any thing on the tv screen, so I cannot watch any films on the HD as no files are showing for me to access

The Passport comes NTFS; PS3’s don’t support NTFS. You need to format the drive to a file system your PS3 understands (FAT32), which will limit what the device can do on Windows (No more automatic backups and won’t take files larger than 4GB).

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Many thanks for your reply to my query about my  WD passport not working with  the ps3, I have now purchased a 32GB flash drive, and I am now copying films & music etc  from the WD drive to the flash drive which works just fine.

Again many thanks for the information it was very much appreciated