Passport Essential

I had a Passport Essential 500gb backuping my desktop computer. And then I had a hard drive failure on the desktop. When plugging in the Passport to my laptop, I can not see the files from my desktop. I don’t even see the WD Smartware screen, telling me how many files were on the Passport.

Is there something about a Passport being registered to a specific computer? How do I get to my files that I assumed were backed up? The last time I checked I had something like 80gb of data stored on the Passport.

What OS are you using on the 2 computers? Did you backup manually or use software like the Smartware?


Both are XP SP3. I had used both, Smartware and then backup software.

Sometimes with Smartware you have to do another backup to find the old one. Look through this post maybe it will help explain.


The problem with that is I don’t see the Smartware software anymore either. I’ve read conflicting user messages that reinstalling Smartware destroys the existing data; is that true?