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The computer recognizes the device when plugged in.  However, I get a message that the disk is not formatted and I cannot view any of my files.   It was working just fine earlier in the day, then this problem occured.  The same thing happened when I tried it on another computer.  Any suggestions? 

Does the hdd make clicking sounds ? (clicking vibrations, if u hold it ? )

Does it take a fare bit of time to get recognised ? 

I am facing the same problem - within a month from purchase :frowning:

what do you want to do? just format the drive or need to take off files from the drive?

My daughter has it overseas and would like to get all her music off it before reformatting.


can you give me more detail? right click mouse. and check the properties. does is show RAW and 0 capacity?

I noticed this thread and I having the exact same problem. 1 time out of 10 times the HD drive allows me to right-click on it and when I do check the General tab in Properties, it is RAW and shows 0 cap.

Is my data gone?

Is this professional data recovery territory?


don’t format it. your data still there. use this softeare for take off your data.