Passport essential wont play through sumvision cyclone multimedia player

Just wondering if there was any known compatability problems connecting a 500GB passport essential to a sumvision cyclone micro multi media player adaptor. Multimedia player will play other drives ok or usb pen but when connecting 500gb essential drive screen freezes then after ten minutes comes up to format drive.Formatting in FAT32 or NTFS makes no difference. Drive also works fine when connected to a computer.

Thanks in advance

I have exactly the same problem.

I have just bought 3 of these to replace Samsung drivers that were jumpy when playing movies through the player.

I decided to go for the more expensive WD Passort Essential because it was the best around and not bad value at all.

I think the problem relates to the drivers required. If I connect the drive to a new pc I get a New Hardware Found  notification for an … SES… component. If I cancel the installation of this component then the hard drive shows up as a normal additional drive (a process whic I obviously cant repeat on my player). Could the player be confused by the same component of the drive?

I have removed the WD SMart Ware as per the instructions on the site but it still wont play ball.


I have the exact same problem!!

I had an old (haha, only a year old) My passport elite as these cyclone micro’s were ment to be designed with them in mind, optimized for them, not anymore obviously!!!

i replaced my old drive for the sake of keeping up to date and stuck with WD for my past experiance, why make a new product thats not as simple, easy to use, reliable or just not as good as the old one??

worst is that i work away from home with 250 guys, and i have recommened this to everyone who has asked… going to be a lot of unhappy guys when they figure that their new toys don’t work.

i tried the hiding the virtual drive but nothing at all

Same problem here.

The Cyclone doesn’t recognise the My Passport drive. The Cyclone has been fine with other drives.

I tried disabling the VCD, but this had no effect.

Fortunately I have a second Media Player, a Play Time which accepts the drive with no problem.

The Play Time is a cheapo player and I was thinking of upgrading to the new WD HD player. But now I wonder if this accepts the Passport. Can anyone confirm that it does?

I guess I should have bought the WD Elements drive as I am looking for a basic drive to house video files.

I don’t need all the security features on the Passport that seem to upset the Cyclone