Passport Essential will not back up all files

The backup did complete the first time it was run but since that point it will not back up all the files.  The software just indicates that it is “Ready to perform backup” and the “Stop Backup” button is active and can be engaged.

However there are 15,313 files using 78.97 GB of data and it will only back up 13,510 file using 74.92 GB backup.

I do not understand why or how to get this software to back up all the files that it clearly reads from the standard list of files including “Documents, Mail, Movie, Music, Other and Pictures”.

Love the drive, hate the software to the point I am ready to format the drive and use either the Windows 7 backup software or some other software to backup my data.

Thanking you in advance for your technical support.

if you hate the software then using Windows Backup is your best bet

you can try uninstalling the software and installing the latest version if you want to regain your faith on Smartware 

Hello Wizer:

As a new user to computers and my first support forum, I will apologize for expressing my disappointment and frustration with the software out loud, that was wrong of me.

However, as a “Honored Contributor”,  I would have thought that you might have offered some insight into why I am having difficulty with the software to both encourage my continued learning and support the WD product which you are a “Honored Contributor”. 

It is as though you took my problems personally and blew past my request for help from the more skilled.  As one who offers support you must know that technology is a wonderful thing when it works but very frustrating when it does not, especially when it does not.

Hoping you will reconsider and be the bigger person and help a new user out.


You don’t have to use the Smartware. Maybe a sync program would work better for you. MS has SyncToy


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Thanks Joe, I have considered using another software including SyncToy, Windows 7 backup and a host of free applications.

However, does anyone have an answer as to why on the second attempt to backup my basic files the software failed?  The files were not opened, or special in anyway.  The is a new notebook with a very recent installation and the only additional software other than the OS is Microsoft Office 2010 Professional.

Is this an isolated issue or is this software really that undependable?

Is there anyway to start all over and see if the software can correct itself?

For software that is completely locked down and offers the users very little in the way of control and or configuration and its only feature that works well in the drive lock why include it at all. 

Selling a drive with the idea that it is so user friendly yet fails so easily seems to be a very poor combination that consumers should be made aware of.  For when there is a real need to restore that missing file, it might not be there.

Am I the only consumer that feels disappointed when features included in the purchase price can not seem to deliver. Let remove the extras and lower the price.

Thanking any and all that might either technical support and or a comment on this consumer review.

I feel your pain dude…

Keep in mind must of us here are user’s helping each other

Smartware started to become a nightmare for me as well and opted out…

Must of the times when we see problems like the one you have we check

  1. The firewall settings to make sure not conflicting with the software
  2. The Antivirus settings to create a rule to allow smartware to work
  3. To get the latest version of smartware

Must of the issues related to memory leakage should have been addressed on the latest update

Sorry if I sound it harsh on my first post… 

I just wanted to go straight to point and let you know that Smartware is only an additional feature

The drive can work with million other applications

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