Passport Essential USB3 makes clicking noise

I bought a Passport Essential, USB3, 500G, today.

I took it out of the box, grabbed the unit only, and connected it to my Win7-64 HP xw6400 workstation using an old already attached micro USB 2 cable. The drive soon started making clicking noises. When I tried to open explorer, I discovered that ALL USB devices on that PC were unresponsive. They remained unresponsive for half a day, even after hours of total shutdown.

I connected the drive to another identical PC with the enclosed USB3 cable, that worked fine. I then connected it to that same new PC using an ordinary old USB2 cable. That was fine too. On a later connect to that new PC, it started clicking again, but behaved well after I disconnected, and then reconnected again.

I later also tried connecting it using an old USB2 cable, to that first PC that died, and it now worked fine.


It sometimes works, sometimes clicks, on 2 different high-end PCs.

USB2 or USB3 cable seems to make no difference.

Is this normal?

It could be a power issue. A lot of PCs use pretty wimpy power supplies. For USB 2.0 WD makes a powerbooster cable I don’t know about USB3.0. Try contacting customer service they will probably send you one.