Passport Essential USB 2.0 is unrecognizable, wont show in My Computer nor Disk Mngmt

I have a portable WD My passport Essential 320 USB 2.0 which for some reason suddenly is unrecognizable , I cant see it under My computer.
I haven’t dropped it or anything, it worked just fine a few days ago. Now it makes weird sounds.
I can see the little light on the device still.
I restarted the computer but didn’t solve the problem.
I tried it on a number of laptops and PS3 and wasn’t recognizable there either.
I tried using a new cable but no luck.
I tried located the driver under computer management>disk management but no luck, its not there nor under device manager as an unknown USB device.
I am really desperate please HELP if you have solved this problem before.

No much hope here, you may contact WD for a replacement drive.

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