Passport Essential SE USB3 under Win7-64 bit --> not getting a drive!


I have a new  My Passport Essential SE USB3 1T.

My OS is WIN7-64bit. I have a very new compuer with USB3 .

The problem is, I cannot see a drive in file manager.

If I using it with my acer netbook und WIN XP, everything works fine!

Under the device manager, I can see my passport, and averything looks ok.

If I say, look for a new driver, it says, that the newest driver is already instlled!

What can I do? Thanks a lot for any ideas.

regards from Switzerland


This is an extract from one of my own post on this community.

When the drive is not visible on explorer/Computer, open Disk Management utility and look for the drive corresponding to My Passport and  right click and choose, make partition active. Then assign an upper order drive letter. (E.g… W for WD) Do not assign lower order drive letter such as E, F, G and H so on) Now open windows explore (You should see your drive here at this time) and click “Organize” and the choose “Folder & Search Options”. On folder options click “View” Tab and unchecked “Hide Empty Drives in Computer Folder”.

To open Disk Manager, Press Win Key + R and then type diskmgmt.msc on RUN dialogue box.

For full info…

Hope this help…

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Hello Mabikay

I am so happy!!! THANK YOU!!!

I cannot explain, how I feel. After 4 days of tryin everything,

you helped me in 2 minutes.

Now I can see my drive.

Kind regards from Switzerland