Passport Essential SE showing up as cd drive @ smartware no writable wd partition found

I am frustrated customer and consumer with regards to the products and services offered by WD, i just bought it 3months ago tho its expensive from the rest;

  1. The 3.0 usb plug in which is not consumer friendly

  2. heard a little noise when plug into to my pc, immediately removed since then its only showing up as cd drive. wd only will replace, what will happen to my data??

  3. i TRUSTED WD Quality, if i know wd will not offer data recovery, or so sensitive product, atleast no service to repair i would not bought it.

4.  Why such a big company and player do not even repair or recover, that it is an unreliable product and services, all my office data in it and i will be sack if my boss got to know this.

Please help, i have earned my lesson to buy wd product

dude this could happen to any drive not only WD

the fact that it shows the CD drive and not the drive could mean two things

either the drive is locked or the drive failed

did you go on disk management to see if the drive is seen there? 

recovery of such device may take days in some cases, its not like it takes a push of a button to get your data back. WD is not accountable for the loss, but they would provide a replacement for failed equipment if it is still under warranty

a lot of times the problem is due to bad sectors… any drive develops them, just not any drive has encrypted content…

i checked @ disk management and it shows as disk 0, not initialised

have you triead another computer?