Passport Essential Not Working

So I just bought a new passport drive … to replace the first passport drive that quit working.

I already gave up on data recovery from the first drive.  The second drive sits quietly in its origional packaging in between the infrequent times I TRY to use it, so it does not get roughed up…

And yet no computer seems to recognize the drive, it will not accept any data sent to it, nor can any be retrieved.  More importantly:  I can not reformat it  at all!!

I have purchased my own version of Acronis, tried the WD Acronis, paid a third party computer store to tell me they can’t access or reformat the thing.  I have shelled out the replacement cost of a new drive to try to get this one working…**bleep**!!!

So,  I just want you cheeky monkeys to flame me so badly that I feel better about getting ripped off twice by WD.  Come on.  Come on do your best…

And I already read the post from [edited] who said that a stand alone hard drive should never be considered an adequate back-up because it might fail.  Yeah, this back-up was to back-up my first back-up.

if you exhausted all of the regular steps : different cable , computer, different port

return or replace… there is no magic trick to make a failed drive function 

You might want to run TestDisk to see if able to mount the partition and retrieve the data before replacing