Passport essential makes my PC run slow


I run windows XP. I got a PE to store copies of photos & music in case my PC gets stolen. I therefore dont keep it attached as I only want to copy new photos/tracks onto it every 6 months or so and then keep it remote/safe.

Problem is when I turn on my PC it seems to be running WDsmartware automatically and makes it really slow to run other programs & get on the internet etc.

Should I uninstall the software & reinstall it when I want to use it every 6 months? or is there any advice on how to stop it running when I dont need it?

Thanks in anticipation


Remove it from the Start / Startup when booting Windows. and check SUPPORT for the method proper to use on your version of Windows.  No need to uninstall, re-install, uninstall over and over again.

Cheers SJ.