Passport Essential locked itself up


While I moved my laptop the usb connection came of and when I plugged my HD back only the Samrtware partition mounts but not the main one.

When I run Smartware on the Mac or on a PC it tells me the HD is locked and I have to enter a password. But I have never set a password.

2 questions:

  • how could that have happened?

  • how can I retrieve my data?



It probably corrupted the drive when the plug pluued off.  First try try another PC or user account. Then try deleting the drive’s driver remove the drive reboot system reconnect drive and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work try TestDisk There isn’t much you can do when you get locked out. There is no reset or bypass.



Nothing works. I have given up and erased the dry.

Thanks to Timecapsule most of it was backed up.