Passport essential 640gb wont load on pc

when i try to load on pc error message appears and wants me to send masseage to windows. if i try to load again i bright blue screen lights up telling me to try to load in safe mode. can any body help me please.


Sounds like same problem as “Passport Elite problem” post:

I had same problem. Easy fix, probably. Uninstall any Sonic or Roxio software. Those CD/DVD burners are not compatible with SmartWare and/or My Passport. If you have Windows XP or better, you can burn CDs without added software. If you want to burn DVDs you do need software. WD recommends Nero.

I got this info from the WD tech support line. You have 30 days free install support, give them a call if this doesn’t fix your BSOD.

Just bought a Passport Essential 640GB and gave me that BSOD. After reading the post here, I removed Roxio application and it is now working fine. WD should have included in their little pamphlet a warning that if you have a Roxio or Sonic software, you need to uninstall them. Thanks for the tip.