Passport "Elite"

I always keep the Passport at home,but I took it with us on a r/v trip and used it with my laptop.

When we got home,i couldnt download anythilng,i just got a message that I must format.

Didnt know how to do that,and each time I read something it said I would loss everything stored,and I really

didnt want that,is there anything I can do?

thanks for any help


dont reformat the drive. What comp are you using? If your using a laptop make sure that the power adapter is connected. If your using windows go to my comp, Rclick on the drive, properties, tools, run checkdisk. Also try diff cAbles

The disk check could not be preformend because the disk is not formatted.Would you llke to Format

the disk?

this was the message I got



If your under warranty try contacting wd and ask what powerbooster cable is available for your drive. Hope this works.