Passport Drive's contents cannot be accessed

My passport drive was disconnected accidentally from computer. Now it shows as a generic drive but none of the contents can be seen.

It is interfering with Windows Explorer and with My Computer. Both get stuck if I try running it.  I downloaded both EASEUS partition manager and recovery software but  when the passport drive is plugged in, neither program runs.  

The drive is visible in Device Manager but no information shows at all for it.

Please help me. My laptop caught self ignited and is useless now and this drive has much information in it. I do have other backups but this one has some old information that I need that is not in the newer backups.


Do you see the drive in disk manager? How does it appear? RAW or unallocated space or it shows up as healthy partition?

Thank you, HDDRS.

Yes, I can see the drive. I am not sure what “raw” means. When I look at it under device manager it says that it is working properly, but no files can be seen. If I go to windows explorer or my computer, both get stuck and freeze. Eventually I get the message that program is not responding. When I tried the solutions suggested on other posts for similar situations, I could not proceed because programs for checking will not run. They freeze. If the drive is not plugged in, they run fine, but do not work at all if the drive is plugged in. 

Drive cannot be ejected either. Nothing happens when I try to eject it. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Raw means there is some type of corruption. Did you try the EaseUS Disk Wizard As a last chance sometimes running the command prompt to convert FAT32 to NTFS fixes it. Here is a link with the prompt it’s about half way down  in Vista and Windows 7 run command prompt as an administrator. You might also try booting from a Linux Live CD and see if you can access the data.

I suspect one of the heads in failing. Running data recovery software on drive with failing hardware can cause more damage, and lead to permanent data loss. I would think twice before exhausting current condition of heads on software.