Passport drive not recognized on pc

help me out 

my pc n lappy was not detecting my device i.e., my passport essential 500gb portable

plz plzz help me out

Hey there, I would recommend you to try one of the ports in the back if this is a desktop computer, test with different USB cables, different ports and as a last resort, try using the drive on a different computer, Check in Disk Management if the drive shows there, if it does show but not in My Computer, you might need to format the drive. 

Did you do what Mr_MKS_Montana said?

There are only a few things that could cause your Passport to not be detected on your computer or laptop:

  • A bad USB cable.  Try another cable.  The cable can’t be more than 18 inches or the drive won’t spin up.
  • A bad USB port on your computer.  Try another port on your pc, laptop, or on another computer.
  • Not enough power.  Try a power booster cable.  We sell them on the online store.
  • A corrupted file system.  The drive won’t show up in Computer, but it will in Disk Management.  You will need to get a partition recovery software to recover your data.  Any files that are corrupted are most likely not recoverable.  Ultimately, you will have to repartition and format the drive to use it again.
  • A failed drive.  You will need to replace the drive.  If you have data on the drive, that you need, you will have to go to data recovery to recover your data.  This is why you must always have a backup of your data, because all devices will fail, sooner or later.

If you tried any of the above suggestions, and your drive still doesn’t show up in Computer or Disk Management, then you have to assume that your drive has failed.  If your drive is still under warranty, then you can replace it with another through WD in your region.