Passport drive failure

I have 1 My Passport 500GB drive, 2 My Passport Ultra 1TB drives, and 1 My Passport for Mac 2TB drive. The 500GB My Passport suddenly became invisible to my MacBook Pro. Since it is no longer under warranty I brought it to a local data recovery service. They could not do anything either because these drives have no SATA connection. Instead the USB is directly connected to the drive so that the drive cannot be removed and connected to another drive case. So the only solution is to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to send it to a clean room facility.

Why in the world would WD manufacture drives in this way? And there’s no way to know this until disaster strikes. There are other posts here about WD drives failing. I wish I knew that before. Now I’m stuck with 3 more WD drives that will probably have the same problem at any time. I will definitely tell others to buy another brand.


It is unfortunate to know that your drive has failed. I always recommend other user’s to keep a backup of their data on another drive just in case this happens. In your case the only recommendation that I might have is to contact one of WD’s recommended data recovery companies. Check the link below for more information.