Passport detected not appear in My Computer


I have my passport 1TB used for 12 months without any problem. 

However, today I am not able to access my harddisk anymore.

I had try below:

  1. Try on another pc and labtop - Negative.

  2. Take out the harddisk from its casing and plug in - Negative.

  3. The connection sound windows made - Positive.

  4. Find the passport in devices and printers - Positive.

  5. Find the passport in My Computer - Negative.

  6. Find the passport in Disk Management - Negative.

So, can anyone help me to figure out what is happening on my passport harddisk?


Best Regards,



Please download the DLG Tool, that will help you to test the unit. If the computer is detecting the unit on the device manager, you might be able to perform a full test on the drive and if is a sectors issue, the full test will try to fix the unit.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows