Passport Data Recovery

NOW WHAT…I have no information on my passport.  I had all of my photographs on it.  My computer detects the HD, but nothing there.  I called WD support, they walked me thru a scan…it said, to many sectors damaged.

They told me to come to this community page and find a free data recovery program.  NOW WHAT?  I know how to turn on a computer, upload my photographs and check my email. 

I am very frustrated by this…What do I do???

Hey there, in your case, you might need a Data Recovery Software, I have had luck with MiniTool Data Recovery.

When I plug my passport into my computer (I’ve tried multiple computers) the light comes on  but i get a message saying USB Device Not Recognized- the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.  It does not show up in My Computer at all.  It has got pictures on it from my daughter’s birth and I need them off…PLEASE HELP! I don’t care about the hard drive…I just want the pictures off of it…I’m DESPERATE!

I have same problem did u find a way to retrieve your photos???

What OS are you using? Look in Drive Manager and look down where the bars are does it say anything there like Raw? Did you try diffeent USB ports on PC? Make sure you’re not going through a hub.



did the mini toolsoftware or anything else work for you?

i have the same prob…

It’s often that any time, your drive become inaccessible and not recognized by your PC. In this situation, you got nothing to do except to send your drive to any recovery company.

However, if you could able to roll back your hard drive driver, then instantly switch to photo recovery software, which not help’s to recover your images but also can recover videos, songs and more.

I had tried this already with great results. Let me known what happens in your case.



if the drive is not recognized then no software would help. usually it is firmware or something mechanical (heads/motor). Powering up the drive can cause further damage, and lead to permanent data loss on the drive. if your data is important dont wait for the miracle to come, drives dont fix themselves. Send it to a recovery lab, or find someone who specializes in it locally. It may sound harsh, but it is your fault for keeping your valued data on one hard drive.

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Completely agree with HDDRS!!

Data recovery software could also be the best choice instead of sending your hard drive to any data recovery lab. Users have to take proper backup to stay away from data loss.

I had this happen with a new WD passport drive, and it turned out that a virus had gotten in, and made it appear like there were no files on the drive at all. But in truth, all the virus did was change the visibility of the files. The virus updated the visibility option on the root folders to “hidden”, then updated the folder option that says “don’t show hidden folders”. Wow. And I thought I had lost all the files, and when I discovered what had happened, I had them all back in a few seconds.

The way I discovered it was when I went into the properties tab, it showed that 30% of the space was used. Then I tried something else, a search I think, and it showed all the file names as it browsed through the disk drive. That was when the light-bulb went off, and I realized what had happened.

It does happen in the cases when a more powerful virus attack to your system and change your file attributes and then  malfunctioned the file system and registeries.

So it would be possible that your registeries or file system may also get corrupted and may start to give troubles after few days.

You should look after it. …It’s been really delighted that you had find the files which you had lost recently…



Hi my passport has crashed. When my lab tab battery finish and turned off . After that my WD passport don’t work and  showed a error (you need to format the disk drive : before you can’t use it) but I need my data in my hard disk and I don’t want to format it .                                

Please help me and show me a way to recover my hard disk :cry:

1 download R-studio

2 explore your drive.

3 find lost files

4 save them onto another hard drive

5 send the drive for RMA if you still got time

I have tried two computers and 2 cables… but the drive can not be recognized by either computer.  Any way i can recover the files using this software?  My guess is, “no.”  The drive needs to be connected and recognized in order for the recovery software to work.

Thanks, Shawn

thats correct Shawn, your drive needs to be at least recognizable in disk management to use any type of software recovery. So your drive just doesnt spin up when connected? or it does and makes sounds?

Dear All,

i’m also facing the same problem. I’m getting green light on my passport and its not detecting in my pc. I have important docs and photos too. Could you please help me on this.

I also raised the recovery of my passport. But can i get the data recovery for my passport?


I bought WD My Passport (1TB) a month ago. I saved many important data and went for a trip. When I was about to start my presentation for my personal business, this disk beeped for 2 minutes and was not captured in my computer for access.

Its now more than 15 days, I am trying to find any data recovery tool and also had a conversation with WD support.  I didnt get any help.

My passport now doesn’t beep, Its LED flashes but not detected by my computer as accessible. Also in device manager it shows its attached to my laptop and I am able to safely remove it.

I need an urgent help!


does your drive spin up? if it does not spin or if it does not get detected in disk manager - there is not much you can do with any software. You may have to consider looking for the hard drive data recovery company.

You should try recoversdata. com It can help you recover lost data.If your data is important dont wait for the miracle to come, drives dont fix themselves.

I have a similar problem with my drive. It is not getting detected by disk management but i do hear humming from it. Is there hope of using the program to recover files?