Passport choice of backup times

I am new to the way this Passport backups…it gives me a choice of hourly, daily or monthly. When I installed this Passport I selected the Monthly, and it started doing a backup…ran many hours but doesn’t seem to have done many files. Is there any way to have a weekly backup? I do not like to leave this attached to my PC because I live in Tornado Alley and we have lots of storms in this season, so I turn off PC in bad weather, and usually every night.
I have several Passports, bought earlier, and none of them preform like this one. Being a senior citizen I am a bit confused about using this newer one. I would appreciate help and instructions for this Portable Passport.
Also, is it possible to see what has been backed up? Thanks for all help.

Hi Sandpile,

You can create new backup plan and delete previous backup plans to change it from weekly to monthly basis. Also, you can view backed up files in WDBackup.swstor folder created in My Passport after starting of backup.