Passport 750GB Protected. Can't access drive! Please Help


  I bought my 750Gb Wd passport early this year, and it was working just fine till 3 days ago,after when I connected it to my comp(runs on win xp) it would not be detected. So I tried it on my new comp (runs win7) and it is recognized as ‘Microsoft office click to run 2010’ (Protected). Since it is protected I cannot access or change any of the settings on the drive. I get the prompt “Access is denied”. Also the device driver software does not install successfully. Please advise.

does the drive show up in computer on win 7?  if not, check to see if it shows up in disk management.  also, i would do the same on your xp computer.  the other possibility is that it may be getting enough power.  you could try to get a power booster cable from wd to see if that does it.  also, try it on other pc’s to see if it shows up.  if the drive isn’t damaged, it may be the file system that is damaged or corrupted.