Passport 700G - just formatted, so slow

I’ve had my passport about two months. I accidently disconnected it before I should have and something got corrupted. I tried to save my data, which I could still see, but it took forever to copy off onto my pc; about an hour per gig. 

So I formatted it, losing all 400 gigs and now that it’s formatted (NTFS) it is taking FOREVER to copy things onto it or download to it. It took 2 hours to transfer 4 gigs of video. Before the corruption/format it was pretty fast, though I never measured it. 

Any thoughts on this? Might it just be a bad drive that needs to be replaced?

Hi, write zeros with DLG and then format it again.

Thank you. I will do that now and see what happens :slight_smile:

I can’t get it to run… I get it open and to the point of starting the overwrite and it locks up (not responding). I’ve even left it for an hour to see if it starts working and I end up having to force close it… which also takes 10 minutes or more to complete.