Passport 4TB - No more power

The MyPassport 4TB drive has been sporadically unmounting and losing power, despite it never being moved around. And just a few moments ago, it unmounted and lost power permanently. I first found that adding more pressure to the cable helped, but the power wouldn’t stay on. I used a couple other cords from other drives and it never provided any light up. And now the first cable, which worked only if I held in tightly, no longer provides any power.

This was my primary backup drive with years of files, now only stored here.

Does WD fix components on a drive and return? I imagine it’s the cord housing with the pins. Is this possible?

For products within the warranty period they replace them … (and your data is gone)

For products out of warranty they don’t fix them … (and you’re on your own)

DIY or take it to a computer repair place

Ah, I’m pretty sure it’s still under warranty, haven’t had for more than a year. Sounds like the 3rd option gets me my data. Thx Joey.