Passport 320 works on my laptop, running XP (SP3), but it doesn´t on my pc, running XP (SP2)


I´ve just fineshed to format my pc, which is running smootly on  XP SP2, and tried to connect my passport essential 320gb but the OS is not recognizing it. Tried connecting a pen drive and others USB devices and worked fine.

Strangely, the drive works fine on my laptop, where I installed at first when I got it.

Does anybody knows a work around?



Install SP3 on your PC since it works on laptop with SP3. Also try a different port on your PC on the back and do not use a hub.


Please read  my post here. It is long and infomative and surely help to remedy your problem. And SP3 has nothing to do with USB drives. USB2 drives works since SP1.

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