Passport 3.0

I bought a Passport 3.0 on 1/20/11 and transferred all my pictures and documents freeing up space on my computer. On 1/27/11, when  I tried to retrieve some document, there was nothing to be found.  All my pictures and documents were lost. I called support and they were not very helpful or knowledegable. They couldn’t help me with my problem.  I called the Geek squad from Best Buy and , although I could not get any of my information back from the Passport, they were more helpful than the techs at Western Digital.  My passport was dead and I lost my all my pics. Won’t waste my money on any more Western Digital products.

When you disconnected did you do it properly or just pull the plug? Improper removal can corrupt any drive. You also learned a lesson never to trust important information to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.


All procedures were properly followed.  At no time was the plug pulled or any power failure detected. All data was lost while it was still installed. This is just an inferior product, no excuses for that.

Besides learning not to trust just one drive you learned another valuable lesson if either sunk in. Copy data to another drive and then check that it is good before deleting your only source.