Passport 2TB drive not working

Good morning from Canada.

I have a 2TB My Passport drive that is a little bit more than half full. About 3 weeks ago it quit working and I am concerned that I have lost all of my data.

Here is what is happening. When I plug in the drive to the USB drive its takes a good 30-40 seconds to show up in my windows 10 list in the left hand pane of the file explorer. When it does show up it shows with a default drive name(in my case Ext drive(H:) rather than the name that I have always used(2TB external). When I try to open the drive it gives me the error message " Drive is not accessible"

Any ideas on repair or getting my data off of it and onto another external would be appreciated.

I am new so if this post belongs in another part of the forum please move

Thanks you in advance

Donald Archer


Do right click on the drive and then go to properties. After this check the ownership of the drive whether all the admin rights marked checked or not.

Thank you for replying. When I plug in the hard drive it takes about 30-40 seconds to appear. When it does appear and I right click on it there is the greens status bar that scrolls on the address bar of file explorer. It gets so far and then displays the message " drive is inaccessible"

Thank you again Lizzy1