Passport 2011 Stopped working .WIM File Found

My WD Passport 0740 from 2011 stopped working. Yes I know it was time but now I’m in a dilemma. It will eventually show E drive that has WD tools and will allow me to unlock my drive. My local F drive will show however, when I try to access it, I get not accessible the parameter is incorrect. I tried to run a chkdsk /f as admin and get the drive is RAW. So I used my EaseUS recovery manager and was able to recover two folders. One of them has a directory showing: Existing Partition 2(NTFS)\Recovery\WindowsRE that has a file over 308,000KB big. I believe this is all my data. The file name is Winre.wim and it is dated 5.12.17 which is the last backup I did before it died. If this is indeed my drive backup, how can I restore it to retrieve my information. Although I’m not a novice, please detail any advisement given since that is the only way I can DIY. Thank you for any help offered.

Winre.WIM is the Windows Recovery Environment. I doubt that’s your files.

This happened to me. It got fixed but I can’t remember what fixed it. I suggest you search the Knowledge Base for
“parameter is incorrect” .