Passport 2 TB Crashed - What are my options

Bought two 2TB passports Nov/Dec 2013, last Wed, one was no longer accessible.  Tried ChkDsk, NG, SpinRite, also NG and Parted Magic, couldn’t get it SMART Enabled, which has saved me in the last two crashed drives. 

I know it’s an old story.  Any hope at all.  And if not, warranty?  Not even a year old.   I know, ‘did you make a backup?’  That was my backup.  Need three or four backups these days. 

Any suggestions other than stick with SSDs from now on. 



(by the way, this is the same drive I was trying to rename on my last post here about 2 weeks ago, so that’s now a moot issue). 

Did you try using a different USB cable? Also don’t connect through a hub. Does the drive show in Disk Management and what OS are you using?


Tried 2 computers, 2 cables, connected directly to the USB port, Shows on disk management as “Healthy”, OS Win 8.1. 

As soon as I plug it in it returns this message box …

Local Disk F:

There is a problem with this drive.  Scan disk and fix it.

Chkdsk hangs at 85% (last time I tried), SpinRite stops after about 2 minutes, and Unbuntu (Parted Magic) won’t mount the drive. 

Not looking good.   The frustrating thing about this is, I have had 4 drives go at once, two primary HDs on a new Optiplex, the original drive in just over 1 yr, then the replacement on the same machine only lasted 7 mos, then 1 Seagate external in a 1 year, now this passport in 6 mos.  Never had drives die like this.  What the heck is going on???