Passport 1tb is not detected on Windows Xp machine

Hi guys!

I bought a new 1tb a month back, and it is not working on my Win Xp machine - it shows up as “Passport 0730” on the Device Manager, tries to install a driver and then fails. This was on first use. (Dell Latitude E6400)

I tried the same drive on a Vista system (HP), and it works without a fuss there - so I assumed it was a driver issue and tried to installe the SES driver, but even after installation, nothing changes.

I still get prompted for the driver, I point it to the new driver folder, and it proceeds as though there is no change! Please help!

(and no, it doenst show up on Disk Management)

to add more detail:

I can hear the disk whirring, and the light’s on. but for whatever joy, it just wont function as it should! :expressionless:

Are you using USB 3 on XP machine? does it connect in USB 2?