Passport 1TB & 2TB Ultra basic questions

I purchased a few years ago a 1TB Passport which is now 98% full but still works. I purchased today a 2TB Ultra mainly because I have not figured out how to remove existing Backups and 1TB now seems small when my PC HD is 1TB and about 60% full. So I disconnected the 1TB and connected the 2TB and set the backup for once a month. I am retired and do not load a lot of data on my PC mainly photos and Family Tree files.

Can someone tell me where I can look for a simple explanation of how to review and delete backups from my Passport Drive so that I do not fill my 2TB Passport like I did my 1TB.

The Owners Manual does not appear to me to answer such simple questions. Thanks. John


If you are using WD Smartware software to create the backup there will be a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor” in the root of your external drive. This folder is the backup folder and all the backups will be stored in there. You may browse this folder and delete the files or backups that you don’t want.

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Thankyou for a speedy response I just realized that a windows image file that shows up as zero bytes is actually 678 GB how do I reduce and or remove this image file ? John.

How did you backup with Windows or other sofware? It’s usually best to delete with the program that created the image.


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I used Windows 7  Control Panel - Backup and Restore.

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