Passport 1.5TB only showing up as 200MB when connected to MyNet N750

So I just got a 1.5TB MyPassport drive, and a WD My Net N750 router. Router is set up and working nicely. When I connect the Passport drive to the routers USB port, it only shows up with 200MB of useable storage. I can put up to, and no more on it that way. When I connect it to my Macbook or Win PC, i see the full drive (and not any of the files I put in the 200MB part when connected to the router). When I go into Manage in Win, i see that drive, listed at its full size as the drive letter I have assigned, but also, i see a 200MB section (Partition) that says its 200MB Health (EGI System Partition), but it doenst let me do anything with it, i cant access it, nothing, its just there, waiting doing nothing…

Anyone have ideas on how to see the main storage on my router?


If the drive came with Smartware I suspect it’s the VCD with the Unlocker on it. I think there is an update to hide it.