Passort Ultra copying files from Windows to Mac? Heyeeelp

I’ve just bought a WD Ultra Pport for use with my new MacBook Pro. I’ve 80gb of photos I want to transfer from Win 7 laptop (broken fan, waiting for new one but can currently only load in Safe Mode). Question is, can I copy the 80gb of data from Win to Mac without reformatting and losing data?

Alternatively, I will order a 128gb memory stick but am loathed to spend even more money on this…:grimacing:


I just finished helping someone here with a very similar question, so see the link below to see how it nay help you, too.

Thanks Mike, times is of the essence as I’m worried the PC will go 'puffftttt" imminently, so I think I’m going to do it in 3 stages on my 32gb stick. Arduous, but it think it’s a quicker to do this (and I’m too impatient to read stuff :grinning::flushed:)

Thanks for the link, I shall read it a my leisure…