Passcode Lock - WD2GO Pro

The passcode lock is not being re-invoked after the app is exited & re-entered on Android (2.3.5), only if the app is actually stopped. For example, open WD2GO, prompted for 4 digit pin, look at some file on Mybook Live, go to phone Home, open another app such as a notepad, go back & open WD2GO again & I am not prompted for my 4 digit pin. The only time I am prompted to reenter my pin is if either I stop the WD2GO app (task manager) or continuously press the back button until I exit WD2GO.

Works correctly on iOS (4.2.3 on iPad). Every time you start or switch to WD2GO, you are prompted for 4 digit pin. And if you are switching back to WD2GO, it returns you to exactly where you were after you enter the 4 digit pin (e.g., looking at a pic or in a directory on a share).

I was only asked for a pin the very first time I logged to my MBL from my Android phone on Android 2.3.4, I don’t think it should ask you for a pin each time you open the app on mobile devices…

Looking for a solution, not a debate about features Pizzamatrix. It should work the same way on the Android platform that it does on the iOS platform.

archymcn wrote:

It should work the same way on the Android platform that it does on the iOS platform.

Why? Do WD programs work the same way on both Windows and OSX when done by WD? They don’t. Smartware is WD’s main software and it has much more features on Windows and it doesn’t even work on OSX with the MBL.

Same thing happens here, WD could be working under platform restrictions or they have different goals and plans for the apps; after all Android is Android and iOS is iOS. Sure, they could “mirror” the apps in the future, with future releases, but if that’s how the current version was designed to be (Or if it is intentional) then there’s nothing no one can do about it until another update is released…

Archy, is it definitely prompting on iPad when you double tap and switch between apps, or is it only when you single click Home and switch between apps that way?

CaphWD - I just tested it again & on the iPad, it ALWAYS prompts for the 4 digit pin. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting WD2GO or it’s already running. It doesn’t matter if you go thru the Home Screen from another app or directly from another running app. In fact, if you double press the Home button while in WD2GO, the pin prompt comes right up even though you haven’t exited or paused the app. Thanks for the interest.

What 4 digit pin are you referring to? The WD activation code is like 10 or 11 digits long…

I was referring to the 4 digit passcode that you set within the mobile app & that you are prompted for when you open the mobile app.

We are aware of this and are working to ensure both apps behave identically regarding the passcode lock. If you have any other suggestions for how the passcode works, such as time-outs or user-setable parameters, please add them in the Ideas Lab.

Thank you Laura