Partitoning WD external drive, one partition for Windows and one for MAC OSX

Is it possible to partition a WD external drive, one for working withn Windows and one for Mac OSX

Yes you can, follow the link below for the steps. Just change the size of the partition to half or whatever size you would like to have for each partition.

I have the same issue. I want to use one 2Tb My Passport drive to backup my MAC (10.8.2) and my wife’s Windows 7 laptop. The instructions for use of drive for both MAC and Windows in your 3865 link shows how to format whole drive to FAT32 - this I am lead to believe is not as reliable as newer file systems and I have found MAC Time Machine to be quite temperamental. Can I partition the drive - approx 1TB as OSX Extended journled and another partition approx 1TB as NTFS. Note on the unreliable NAS drive (from another HDD manf) that I am replacing it (MAC disk utilities, partition) appeared not to allow partitioning?

Would appreciate your guidance