Partitions are deleted


I have a Lenovo Y570. The H.D.D is WD . 

After I connected to a trusted network suddenly my laptop restarted ( Windows 8.1). A percentae completed and when I opened my computer , I saw only one of my 6 drives exists !

I recovered my files and created the partitions but 2 days later I saw my partitions are were deleted again !!!

I changed the Windows (Windows 7) but the same story !!!

What’s the problem?

Why drive “C” isn’t being deleted ?What’s the diffrence ?

Thanks …


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG to determine if there is anything wrong with the drive.

You can recover files from deleted partition with data recovery software, see this guide that helped me before:

how to recover data from deleted partition

hope this helps.

I used the software 

any warning !