Partitioning 4GB My Book Duo 4TB into Mac & Windows RAIDS

I have a new iMac with Mavericks & a 1 TB internal HDD. I am partitionning it so I can also run Windows–probably an 800MG partition for Mac and a 200MB partition for Windows.

I will be installing a new My Book Duo. Before I setup the drive I want to make sure I can do the following, and understand how to do it:

Can I partition the drive into two 2 TB partitions so that:

1. 2TBs are Mac-Formatted and set up as two 1TB RAID drives to serve as an automatic backup via Time Machine

      - I like to do automatic backups for both, in a raid configuration. I am not yet sure if Time Machine will automatically backup the Windows partition.

2. The other 2TBs are formatted as exFAT and serve as a Network Drive for both Mac and PC files. Ideally, I would like to configure this partition in a 1TB RAID configuration.

Additional info: I have an older MY BOOK LIVE DUO which I use as a Network Drive, in a RAID configuration. It’s formatted FAT so files are accessible on the MAC, PC, and other devices on my LAN.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi aaron1948,

  1. You can format the My Book Duo into several partitions, but you cannot create several partitions and still have the RAID configuration. Also note that you cannot change the format of the My Book live Duo, this is not possible or necessary for network drives. 

For more information you can check the My Book Duo manual.

Thanks for your answer. Let me try to be clearer:

I want to use the 4TB My Book Duo with my new iMac. The iMac has a 1TB HDD–and I plan to partition it so 800GB is the MAC OS and 200GB is for a Windows installation.

My basic question is how best to setup the My Book Duo so (1)  I can use it for automatic MAC backups using Time Capsule; (2) and use part of it for Network storage of files accessible by MAC & Windows.

Out of the box, I _ can _ re-format the whole NTFS drive for the MAC using HFS+ – or partition the drive and format one partition as HFS+ and the other as FAT32 or exFAT.

If I do that, I need to understand whether this configuration affects my ability to set up a RAID configuration.