Partitioning 2TB Ultra

Hello experts,

I have an 2TB WD ultra. I connected it to a PC. I see lots of folders and executable on the drive. I want to partition my WD ultra. I am thinking of the following scheme

1st Part: 750GB
2nd Part: 750GB
3rd Part: 500 GB

How do i partition it. Am i supposed to copy all the stuff that already (folders and exe) that comes part of WD drive. I am using ubuntu Linux. If you want me to connect to a Windows XP system. Please do let me know. I have access to it as well.

Thanks and Regards,


i have not tried to do this in Ubuntu , however on windows XP, you can try the same way you do a normal partition, but you must select the size of the partition then try to do this with all the remaining space. Here is a link that might help you create a partition: