Partition table allocation problems

I am having portable WD passport . I dont know how , yesterday it started showing me to format my disk if i want to use it .

I can unlock it properly but later a popup arrives and shows to format it. I checked it with linux OS and fdisk shows error of INPUT/OUTPUT for /dev/sdb . Tried gparted also showed input/output error while starting software and when i try to make new partition table it shows error that it cannot read address from sector 0. Please help me , there is lot of important data on it , and i cant afford to lose any .Thank you in advance.

Hi, it is possible that the data inside the Passport is corrupted, to discard any possible hardware damage I recommend you to run a DLG test. You should also be able to recover most of your files using a data recovery program, using Google you can find several options. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

First of Thanks for the Quick reply . The image shows the output of the DLG test , while starting the test it showed me error message as too many bad sectors. I havent tried tried writting all zeros to harddisk as it will surely take away my whole data. Please provide me the proper solutions.I am  runnning out of options. Thanks.

Sorry for the previous mistake . I have taken another image for showing result , now its showing me some other error . Please can you check and reply for the same.