Partition removal

Newbie Question,

 I have an older WD  internal drive that was FAT32 file system and was partitioned C/D drive. I was trying to combine it into one single drive and convert to the NTFS file system? I inserted my Window’s XP disc and I was able to convert each partition to NTFS and I could delete the D drive but never the C drive, due to some Windows start-up files stored on it? Any suggestions on what how I might get this accomplished?

Thanks in advance for the help!


If you rerun your XP disc, you should be able to delete all the partitions on the drive and repartition and format it to whatever you want.  Make sure you save all your data, though.


I did that before I received this reply, since I started with two partitions it would let me do what ever I wanted with D drive so I converted it to NTSC filing system then loaded Xp on D drive and then converted C drive to NTSC. It never allowed me to completely erase C due to startup files still on C drive. As of now I’m still two partitions, I wanted to combine them back to just a single C drive again.

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